Monday, February 9, 2009

The Creative Urge

I've worked so hard on Hafan Deg these past weeks, as you know, and, with the submission stage underway, this is now a waiting time. I have many more queries to process, but I'm staggering them over the coming weeks, or it will just get out of hand.

I've always had a lot of patience. Life has always been spelled out in three-to-five-year plans for me, not deliberately, but that's the way each project came out. I've travelled to other countries to live, and that required patience in accruing enough cash to do it. I've renovated houses on a limited budget, knowing it would be a few years before the work was finished. I've held jobs I didn't care for, because I had a goal at the end of it. By the end of each stage, just as in pregnancy, I start to get a bit antsy - am I ever going to get this show on the road?

Well, this manuscript was the same. I wrote it some years ago, re-wrote it, edited and edited and edited, reduced the word count, and with the query process underway, I can, with my usual patience, put it to one side and wait things out. Although, in a way, the show is already on the road - a long, long winding road...

Which means I need to start another book.

I've several ideas, but it's the one that keeps popping up while I'm washing up, or vacuuming, or whatever, that I'm listening to most carefully; all my best writing is done during these activities - NOT at the keyboard. I've written whole chapters in my head at parties, where nothing much was happening. I write during a movie; when other people in the room are following the action on TV, I'm creating my own in my mind. This is the only way I can write. The sitting down to type is satisfying, of course, seeing it take shape on the screen, but it's not the only point of creativity. I think a lot of you know what I mean.

So today is a reflective, bemused sort of day. Something's coming...

My postings here could get a trifle mystical for the next little while, because the writing daemon's in residence. Oh, and my house is going to be the cleanest it's been in a while.


Lapillus said...

It's always extra fun to start something new. Enjoy yourself!

Melissa Marsh said...

I don't know why those mindless tasks get our brains going, but they do. Taking a shower does the same thing for me. I've solved many a plot problem while in the shower. Unfortunately, it's not so good for my dry skin! ;-)