Friday, July 10, 2009

Mature Approach to Writing, or has your alter-ego brat taken over?

Because I am in such a blue funk over this final part of Strachan, I'm neglecting my usual post today. It just wouldn't be right for someone in my irritable state to suggest to you guys how to approach writing, how to secure representation by a lovely agent, and to finally get published - all the while maintaining great joy and gratitude in your heart, when I'm anything but joyful and grateful right now.

I am just too bratty today.

I will finish Strachan this weekend, and I'll be all the nicer as a result, but, in the meantime, I'll sulk over the pages (this is not how it was meant to be in chapter thirty), and narrow my eyes at my heroine's latest thought processes (she's turning into a whiner - a bit like me, really). I long for the day when I shed no more tears over it, with all the loose ends tied up (but there are so many of them!) and can print the whole thing off for that final proofing. Whoever thinks writing is a great escape is crazy.

Oh, sure, at the start, creating all those interesting people, allowing them to weave some magic into your outline, letting them amuse you, surprise you - well, of course, that's fun. But the winding down part, the resolution of the story, the saying goodbye - this is not my happiest time.

So that's it for today. I'm not apologizing. I'm sure you've experienced variations on this theme at various stages of your own writing. I know my usual maturity and common sense are missing, but that goes with the territory this late in the game. All that's left is this demanding-child alter ego, wanting everything her way, stamping her foot for attention. I got news, kid. Come Monday, you're in bed without any supper...

For those of you at the I-can't-wait-to-see-what-happens-next stage of your book, have a wonderful weekend. For those struggling with closure, I hope you have icecream in the freezer.

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Embee said...

That blue funk is apparently epidemic, as I am experiencing it as well, though I am nowhere near the end. I've got the middle-of-the-story-not-sure-what-happens-next funk. Trying to shake it off and just get it all down on paper before I go back and edit.

At least you embrace the brattiness and have enough maturity to know you'll slog through it and forge thru to the end!