Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award from Kit Courteney

I'm a creative blogger, apparently. Well, Kit Courteney thinks so. Wish these award designers knew how to spell, though. Perhaps it's Scandinavian...hmm, a Scandinavian award. That's Nobel Peace Prize country. Very posh.

There are all the usual things that must be accomplished in order to accept this award, although Kit kindly suggests that it's not all that necessary. But I liked the Seven Things That No One Knows About Me (at  least, at this blog site).
  1. I secretly long to own a really powerful sportscar, but never will, unless Tesla gets on with things (e.g. reduces its price).  I'm a dedicated Greenie. (And not at all weird. Don't make me climb down from this tree...)
  2. I despise reality TV - ALL of it.  I like TV that's professional, intelligent, and rewarding.  
  3. I'm buying a new bed. A big one. (I have a small one now.) Make of that what you will.
  4. I've always wanted to be an actor and still believe it's not too late.
  5. Caldwell is not my true surname although it is legal.
  6. I am not Christian. Make of that what you will, too.
  7. When I was small, I wanted to be a cowgirl. I think it's too late for that.
My nominees are Melissa, Johanna, Retired and Crazy, Suzanne, Jennifer, Jenaveve and  Embee.

According to the (easy-to-ignore, if you're so inclined) rules, I will now advise my seven nominees. 

Thanks, Kit. But please don't send these fiddly ones too often, all the same.


Kit Courteney said...

It's NEVER too late to be a cowgirl!

(I know, they're a palaver, aren't they?)

Fran said...

But it's meat-production-related - cowgirling - isn't it? I'm veggy now.

Eric said...

Congrats on the award. You can be a veggie-cowgirl (the first of it's kind). Instead of butchering the cows, you can just guard them whilst they meander.

Fran said...

Oh Eric, that's just lovely...is there anything prettier than a meandering cow?

Embee said...

Hi Fran - thanks for the award...you're too kind. And meandering cows are nice. Kinda smelly, but nice.

Melissa Marsh said...

Thank you, my dear! I tried to comment earlier in the week, but my laptop kept booting me out!

Retiredandcrazy said...

Hi Fran, well here I am at last, picking up my award. Thank you so much. I can't believe that you wanted to be a cowgirl because I'm really a 19 year old cowgirl inside.

Fran said...

I think we're carbon-dating ourselves with our love of cowgirls...