Friday, December 11, 2009

A Break from the Novel and a Sculpture of My Gran

No writing in a week, and I'm not apologetic. It's been a hunkering down time, watching old movies, reading, messing around with polymer clay. What? Polymer clay?

I finally did a sculpture of Gran. This is Gran in one of my early paintings of her, and below that is the three-dimensional 6.5 inch (16 cm) sculpture I finished yesterday.

I knew I needed a break from writing. I don't have a block about it at all - I know exactly what's coming next - but I simply wanted to step back and take a breather. I've been writing this current novel very quickly - 2/3 completed in three months. So I can afford to relax for the holiday season, I think. I'll putter, do some more sculptures, write when it's imperative, but I won't be sitting down each day for the sole purpose of finishing the book. My friend, Judy, who's read all seventeen chapters to date, will just have to wait. Hope she doesn't forget the plot.

Have a great weekend and stay warm, guys, if you're in this Hemisphere. Relax indoors with hot chocolate or a nice Scotch. Remind yourself that it's not officially winter for another ten days. Then reach for the Scotch again...


Embee said...

I'm taking a break too. I participated in NaNoWriMo and wrote 50000 words in 30 days, and the novel isn't done, but I needed a break. I think I'm about ready to go back now and finish it, but definitely needed some space.

Then it's time to go back and start revising and editing book one so maybe I have a chance of selling it eventually!

Good luck with your writing and have a great holiday!

Melissa Marsh said...

I love Gran! She looks like so much fun.

I haven't been writing much, either, and it's not really a block, but more apathy. Real life is interfering and that rather annoys me, but I guess that happens sometimes.

Fran said...

Real Life can be so intrusive! I'll be glad to get back to the Other One. Does that make us pure escapists?