Saturday, March 17, 2012

"Place of Dreams" is On the Road

I heard back from my agent. She's sent Place of Dreams off to several editors over the past couple of months, and she included the names of a few of the publishers. I loved Googling them and imagining by manuscript waiting to be read by one of their best.

This aspect of the business is new to me. I dispensed with the services of my last agent because I received no feedback from him at all...and he refused to give me a list of people he'd approached. So hearing back from my agent, my new friend, who addresses me as "Dear, Dear Fran", is remarkable.

You're all sitting there thinking, "Well, what did she think an agent would do?" I'm saying I just don't know. These mysterious people are capable of all kinds of behaviors, according to everything I've heard. Some regularly speak to you (well, I'm a bit geographically awkward for regular chats), and others apparently check in by email every couple of weeks. And some never contact you and become cross if you take the initiative and timidly ask what the heck is going on.

I believe my agent is just about right. I don't need constant reassurance, just a note now and then to say that my book is out there on the digital road.

I've completed the chapter synopsis for my new book, in rough form, naturally, because this is the very early stage of setting up the structure. I think I have my ending, which is vital to me, and I've finished the draft of the first chapter. Still not quite sure about the title. Have one, but I'm tinkering with it.

Writing in my head a lot, during the day, and just before falling asleep. It's becoming so real, plot-wise, that I'm barely making notes, unless it's a particularly clever bit of dialogue. This is the slow time now, trying to get really caught up in the thing. I'm getting closer and closer every day to taking off with it, feeling the rush of words that can't be ignored.

All this painting lately, and I've really missed my writing...


Melissa Marsh said...

I'm so glad she has sent it to potential editors/publishers. Brilliant! And I'm VERY glad you're back to writing again.

Fran said...

Thanks, Melissa. I just hated being in the doldrum stage, where nothing seems to be happening.

Deirdra A. Eden said...

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Go to and pick up your award.

Fran said...

Thanks for your kind words, and your award offer, Deirdre.