Friday, February 13, 2009

The New Old Manuscript

I've started working on my new book. This presents something of a dilemma for me, because this blog has been dedicated to Hafan Deg.

This weekend I am going to redesign this site, to take into account this next work-in-progress. In fact, it's not so new. This is the book that did the rounds some time ago, submitted by my then agent to some of the best New York publishing houses. My agent had cajoled me into re-writing it, and my heart wasn't really in that final manuscript. Needless to say - or I wouldn't be talking about it now - the book wasn't sold. I am going to reconstruct it as it was in its original form.

I'll do the same thing as I've done for Hafan Deg on this blog page - that is, put up the briefest of introductions, and the first three chapters as I'm satisfied with them. This work won't take a huge amount of time, as the book is complete. But that major deconstruct is vital; that's where the work is now.

On Monday, if it all goes well with the messing-about-with-the-page, I'll introduce you to the new work - the old work - whatever.

Check out my art blog today for a fun link. I don't usually advertise here, but it's worth a look.

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