Friday, April 3, 2009

Breaks From Blogs = Clear Heads For Writing

If you are in Query mode, you'll probably appreciate more advice on the process. Bookends, LLC, did a nice posting a couple of weeks ago that you might have missed, on how not to sound in your query letter.

As I put this link up, let me explain, as a possible matter of interest, that I'm avoiding advice online for a bit, which is why that post is a couple of weeks old. There is so much information, some of it discordant, and after a while it becomes something of a babble. I need to keep a clear head to write, and I'm pretty sure you do, too. This is why we "take time off from the writing" isn't it? But I'm not so sure that's really the answer. I think we need to take time off from the incessant information. Just as we feel refreshed when we don't watch the news every day, not opening every informational link is rejuvenating, too. Well, that's where I stand, anyway. Feel free to take a break from this blog, too.

Looks as if we're in for a book-reading-under-the-covers, gray and wet weekend, with even snow forecast for the next few days. I am staying positive, because it can't last for ever. (But, even as I say that, I remind myself that I must stop watching documentaries where they outline almost as bleak a scenario.) Of course, this could also be a good writing weekend. I've had such a lazy week, and I really should get back to it.

I'll wander up to the post office today to see if my laptop has arrived. No mail delivery here, in this sleepy place, so I keep anxiously bugging the people behind the counter. I'll get blown around, and thoroughly soaked, but it's a laptop! I have never owned a laptop. I really will be able to sit in the middle of a meadow and write, if I want. I can write on buses, on planes, on ships. I can write anywhere at all, just as long as I remember the batteries only last for around four hours. How terrible to be passionately approaching some vital point in the chapter - when the laptop bows out. Must keep in-flow creativity short; must limit my muse's mutterings; must nip rampant prosifying in the bud...

Enough random waffling today. Have a cosy, crocusey sort of weekend. They're out there somewhere.

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