Friday, May 15, 2009

More Queries, Another Partial, a Loaf of Bread, a Glass of Wine and No Thou

It's been a dizzy week for me. I've been so energized, writing Strachan's Attic in the morning, revising, editing in the afternoon, and itching for the night to be over with so I can get back to it. I haven't had such an easy time of it in ages. Every morning, it's as if I have an exciting appointment, and I've been getting up earlier and earlier (5:30 is becoming the norm). That's the kind of morning I like. I've complete another 7500 words - a chapter a day - and I'm almost at the half-way point, I think. The heroine, Strachan, leaves Canada for England in the next half, and I'm looking forward to that, as I get to go with her, after all. (I can show her a few of my favorite street markets and pubs.)

After that friendly rejection for Hafan Deg on Tuesday, I received a request for another partial from a Toronto agent. This is the first agency I've queried here, as they're a much rarer species than in the States, but they responded within one week of getting it, so perhaps they're also not as inundated.

My current stats: 17 pending, 2 partials, 8 rejections - total 27. I'll do a couple more today, to keep my hand in.

One of the agents I approached this week had this little closing piece in their submission guidelines (which were also perfectly detailed, bless 'em):
"All are welcome to submit. We admire each and every one of you for granting us the privilege of reading your work."

Isn't that charming? Instead of feeling like a kid who's submitting homework really late, to someone who's just finished reading everybody else's homework and is a trifle bored with the subject, I felt wanted, appreciated, and - just a bit...loved - there, I said it. This doesn't mean she won't reject me in due course, but I'll bet, if she does, she'll do such a lovely job of it that I won't mind a bit.

It's my birthday today and the weather is glorious. I've received flowers and chocolates (in lieu of family, because they're all so far away) and hope to get a decent lunch today with a friend from Toronto. If we don't make it, what the heck - I'll just go buy my own barrel of wine, and grab some good bread and cheese. I'm getting a bit past the "thou" these days. I don't think I could handle the excitement. I really must do something about this Brighton living.

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