Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Have An Agent!

Okay, guys, it's Saturday, not my usual day for blogging, but I had to tell you what happened this morning.

I opened an email from the British agent who had requested the full manuscript for Hafan Deg. Ho hum, I thought, as I saw the opening line,
"Thank you for your full submission which I have now had the opportunity to read in full."
This is where I expected to see "However, I regret that we are unable to offer..."

But then, what came next, well, it hit me in the stomach!
"I thoroughly enjoyed the whole story and couldn't put it down, which is always a good sign for me. Without making any guarantees as to publication, we would like to present your manuscript to a number of publishers for their consideration".
For all of you who have traveled this querying path with me, you know how I'm feeling right now. I thought I was Ms Cool about the rejections, but I sure as heck wasn't about an acceptance!

They've suggested some very minor alterations to the structure - I mean, minor: several scattered back story references that they'd like as one chapter being the biggest one. A few paragraph deletions here and there. Naturally (what else is new?), there are some minor typos (that Typo Imp even managed to get through to the agent!) but, with the amazing current technology, a clear, editorially-marked manuscript ready for me to take action on, I should have it done in no time. In the olden days, from whence I came, this would have taken weeks!

Then all they have to face is the long haul (as they put it) to publishers, but I'm not even going to think about that. My little orphan Hafan Deg has come in from the cold, at last.

Thanks to all of my blogging friends who have followed me this far. You were always there for me when I needed advice or reassurance.

And now I have another friend. He's my agent.

How cool are those words!


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