Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chapter Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, and Fourteen Today

The book is moving right along, at what feels like break-neck speed. It's so hard to turn off the computer at night. I am more than somewhat obsessed with Hafan Deg right now. A good obsession, though. It beats having writer's block!

I wanted to point out a couple of things about this page. I've now removed the Preface to the Blog, but left a simple link to it. Figured, if you had been following me for a while, that long column might be annoying.

As the list of chapters gets longer and longer, I will probably just put up a link (which in fact is already in place, whichever chapter you choose) to the novel itself, otherwise I'll run out of space soon.

At the very foot of this page, there is a map of Bangor and Anglesey where most of my story takes place, along with a little blurb on the house, which did exist when I was last there. It's nice to get a feel for an area, when you're reading about it.

And, just below, because it's that time of the year, there's an old editors' (and the editors in question would be very old indeed by now..) gag on The Night Before Christmas. This was scanned from a very old page, which I've been carrying around for over twenty years, since my editorial days. It's still funny. Some editors could really do this.

You'll get eyestrain, because I couldn't get it any larger. Zooming doesn't help at all, by the way. But you get the gist.. Try a magnifying glass..


Kit Courteney said...

Whether you keep the individual chapters OR put a single link to it.... PLEASE don't suddenly get rid!

Fran said...

I have no intention of taking this off. I have made a pledge, of sorts. Do or die, it's staying here!

Faith B said...

Fran, I realise that I've not actually left you any literary feedback yet, either on Authonomy or here - just airy messages! I need to savour yours before leaving any comment, which means sitting and reading it without background irritations. So there will be words forthcoming, lest you felt I'd overlooked your work. Have a nice week-end!