Monday, December 22, 2008

Chapters Nineteen through Twenty-Two

I am approaching the final third of the manuscript now. The last few chapters were awkward, for some reason. The relationship between Karen and Malcolm is tricky. You will understand as the story goes on. It's always difficult writing love scenes, I find. I tend to want to write graphic, spicy couplings, but find that, in the end, it's much better to suggest, rather than to describe every naughty detail. We all (well, I assume most of us) know what sex is, so why do we need to go into extraordinary descriptions, unless the protagonist happens to be hanging from a chandelier at the time, or in some other odd situation, something that you, with all your knowledge, couldn't imagine? Well, I have no chandelier scenes, so that simplified things.

I will continue to put these chapters up as they are ready, although I intend to take a few days off in some sort of homage to the Season. So it could continue to be every other day, because the writing urge can't be stifled by mere holidays, or it could be in a week, depending on who comes visiting.

I hope you all have a peaceful and happy holiday.

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