Monday, December 8, 2008

Chapter Four Today

I just registered the copyright for Hafan Deg online. It seemed to me, putting these chapters out every couple of days, that the novel was a bit vulnerable, despite the little copyright symbol I added to the title. Anyway, it's done, and well worth the $50 Canadian to do it.

Browsing through agents today, and - what a surprise - my old agent, from days of yore, who worked with me on my ghost story, is still agenting! Thought I would surprise her with the new book. I mean she liked my writing, just found the ghost too unscarey. She might even re-think the original book now that so many similar romantic ghost stories have been produced. That would be very cool - two books ready for print...

I have completed the fine-tuning on eight chapters of Hafan Deg now, and have developed a strange neck injury, as a result. It only hurts (sharp, burning sensation) while I type, and is gone when I do something else. Hmm, this could be very detrimental to my writing. I have done so much typing this weekend, for hours and hours straight, that I guess I've just overworked something. It's good when I'm writing a poignant scene, because I share the pain on the page, but no good if I'm in a light-hearted bit of dialogue. Have adjusted the chair, the screen, no go. Will keep trying.

Is anyone going to make any comments about this book? I mean, that's one reason I'm doing it. Sharing it, nakedly, with you. I belong to another site where it's received a couple of comments. Basically, it's felt my first chapter is a bit long-winded, with too many characters to confuse the reader. I don't see it, but I intend to go back and give it a serious look. I know what that confusion feels like, because I have tried at least three times in my life to read Dr. Zhivago! But that was different; I have no Russian names in my book.

Enjoy Chapter Four.

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